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Freehill Asphalt For All Your Parking Lot Maintenance Needs


Sealcoating is an economical way to beautify and protect your parking lot. Sealcoat helps protect the asphalt surface from sun, rain, oil, and gasoline while helping to make your parking lot safer for vehicular traffic by improving the contrast between the parking lot and the parking lot markings.


Patching is an important aspect of parking lot maintenance. Patching a small problem area now can help to keep it from becoming a big liability and cost in the future.


Striping is a convenient and cost effective way to improve the safety and appearance of your parking lot. If striping is all you need, we can schedule striping for the hours of the day or night that your parking lot gets the least amount of use, so your customers see the benefits and not the inconvenience of your maintenance efforts.


After years of use and weather parking lot surfaces inevitably break down. When that time comes Freehill Asphalt can overlay your parking lot to ensure it continues to be a safe driving and walking surface for your customers.

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